AFLAC for Hispanics 2017

AFLAC for Hispanics 2017

Aflac is launching a campaign intended to educate Spanish-speaking consumers about how Aflac helps protect their pockets during unplanned medical events.

SOURCE: MEDIAPOST.COM: The campaign includes a TV ad called “Help,” which will air nationally on major Spanish-language networks through late November. It is the company’s second commercial designed specifically for the Hispanic market without an English-language version.

“Research indicates a need to provide better education within the Hispanic community about the value of voluntary insurance products,” said Gail Galuppo, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at Aflac, in a release. “We want to share information with Hispanic-Americans in culturally sensitive ways, in their preferred language, so that families can better protect their pockets from the financial challenges of an unexpected illness or injury.”

Aflac worked with Conill Advertising, Saatchi’s U.S. Hispanic agency, on the campaign. In addition to the television commercial, the campaign will include local radio advertising in select markets, digital advertising, social media and online videos.

Conill Advertising works the post-production with MAkinE Studios editing by Otto Scheuren to achieve this goals:

<<We cut the TV spot “Help” and also two pieces to run on social networks: “Bothered” and “Scared” (…)  I tried to manipulate carefully the jokes that were designed by Martin Donovan (Associate Creative-Director). This type of humor is not usual within the Hispanic media in the United States and special attention was required to shapes the cuts.>> Said Otto.


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